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Fish On!

April 1st marked the first day of the new fishing season! To celebrate, we ventured over to Fenton Lake to wet some lines. It had been a while since we had been fishing, so everyone was very excited. It was a beautiful day to be outside. A little breezy, but the sun felt great.DSCN0415

Apparently everyone else had the same idea because the lake was really crowded! It is not a very big lake, but apparently it is a popular spot. People were catching fish all over the place!


Despite our best efforts, Nathan was the only one lucky enough to catch a fish!


But Liam did catch a crawdad, so I suppose that counts as a catch, too!


We have fishing licenses, a box full of gear, and a car full of people who love throwing lines in the water, so I think this will be a summer full of fishing for us! Next time we will have to remember to take cinnamon bears, because it is scientifically proven that a person with a cinnamon bear in their mouth is almost guaranteed to catch a fish. Rob and I have tested this theory many times, and it has rarely let us down. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Fish On!

  1. What a fun day out for some quality family time. I’m glad there are so many opportunities for more of those times. Memories keep us young!!!😀

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