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Lions and Tigers and Bears…

What?! I have fallen behind on blogging? Again? Say it isn’t so! I have a lot to fill you in on, so I guess now I just have to decide where to start! I suppose it makes the most sense to simply go in order…


Over spring break we took a trip to Albuquerque. I had bought tickets to the Cirque de la Symphonie with the New Mexico Philharmonic. The concert was not until the evening, but we decided to head to town early so we could go to the zoo. We had hoped to go to the aquarium as well, but we ran out of time, so that will have to wait until another visit.


It had been a while since we had been to a zoo. There were so many babies! Who doesn’t love springtime at the zoo? The funny thing is that just the week before, a chimp had gotten out of his holding. Nothing exciting like that happened while we were there, but we still had a really good time!


The evening concert was amazing! I wish I had taken some pictures, but sadly, I did not. I am not sure a picture would have done the show justice anyway. It was that good…

DSC_0011There are so many things to do in Albuquerque and I see many more trips in the future. The good thing is that it is less than two hours away, so it makes for an easy day trip.



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