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We Made It!

We were starting to think that perhaps we should take up residency in Wyoming. After we finally made it out of Gillette, we did not make it very far at all before we had to stop again, this time for blowing snow and ice. We decided that a night in Wheatland was in order, and hoped that by morning, the wind would stop and the interstate would be a little less treacherous. No such luck. As a matter of fact, the interstate became so bad that they closed it from Wheatland, down to Cheyenne.

Once the interstate was reopened, we decided to stay put until about 11am, giving the sun as much time as possible to help clear the roads. Still, the road to Cheyenne was very slow going. Eventually, though, we made it, and from there, the roads were clear through Colorado. I cannot tell you how happy we were about that! We made it down to Pueblo, CO before we stopped for the night.

We had planned on taking the highway once we hit New Mexico, but decided to stick to the interstate instead. We had had our fill of ice covered roads, and were hoping to avoid running into any more. We hit more snow just before Trinidad, CO, but it did not last for too long, and then it was smooth sailing on dry roads.

It took us a little longer than planned to make the trip down, but we made it in one piece, and that is what really counts. We arrived in New Mexico on February 5th, which also happened to be Remington P. Cat’s 18th birthday. Since then, we have enjoyed nothing but beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

I am amazed every time I look out the window because it is so incredibly beautiful. It feels so good to be here. So good to be… home.



9 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. So glad you all made it one piece and now can settle down to a wonderful life in your new home, New Mexico! I’m looking forward to our visits down to see you. New Mexico is such a beautiful state and has so much to offer. You won’t have time to get bored! Love you all!!😀

  2. You? Actually calling somewhere home…that must be a first…but i am pleased ,relieved. Happy and satisfied that you have at last reached your destination…Happy belated birthday to Remington..that is a very good age for a cat..may he have many more..its all that travelling,he has been on the road so much that he cannot recall how old he really is…long live Remington Cat xxxxxx

    • It has been a while since we have had a ‘home,’ but we are all ready to settle for a while. Remi is a wonderful kitty and call me selfish, but I want him to live forever…

  3. Yay! Winter driving is so stressful for me, so I relate to the relief of dry roads! I imagine the wind with Waldo is tricky. So glad you’re all “home” and ready to settle in!

  4. Home! We can’t wait to visit and have you share all the magic you’ve found. Although Ft. Union itself was very nice, I am thrilled you no longer have to live in ND.

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