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Headliner Happiness

When we bought our jeep, the fabric on the headliner was completely gone. The fiberglass was still there, but all of the fabric had been removed. One can only assume that it must have been a saggy, droopy mess, so the old owners just cut it all out.


For almost two years, every time I got in the vehicle, I would make a mental note to replace the fabric. I had thought that I would have to find the fabric and put the padding on myself, but once I started doing a little research, I learned that that was not the case. You can actually buy replacement headliner fabric. I ordered some in the same light gray that had originally been there, then we set about replacing it.


Since I was the one who kept whining about the dusty celing, it was my job to scrape off all the old foam. It was so old and worn that it came off super easy. I then wiped it clean and Nathan helped me vacuum it to make sure we had gotten all of the dust off.


Rob and I worked together to apply the spray glue and then lay down the fabric. The whole goal, of course, was to avoid any wrinkles in the fabric, because once they dried, they were not coming out. After a couple of days in the warm shop to dry, Rob reinstalled the headliner. (I was actually working at the school that day, so it was a surprise when he came to pick us up!) It looked amazing!


The center lighting was a little more of a challenge. I took all the pieces apart to recover the outside, then Rob had fun putting it all back together. Except for one burnt out light, it went back in beautifully. I washed the sun visors to get all the old foam dust off of them, and you can hardly tell that they were not replaced with the rest of it. And just like that, our dusty old ceiling looked brand new. I love projects where you can see such an amazing difference when you are done. I guess now we just have to decide what to work on next!

11 thoughts on “Headliner Happiness

  1. you two are a real inspiration…it was not long ago that you were taking the innards out of the car and replacing them…You really are talented in recycling and DIY…well done!

    What next? Good question …I shall wait and find out…there will be something

  2. You are such an awesome team!!! I don’t think there’s anything you two can’t do once you put your minds to it. Great job!!!😀

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