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Next Stop…

After what has felt like months of pacing and wondering, the wait is finally over! Rob has been selected for a permanent position in the mountains of northern New Mexico!

We have done extensive research on the area and there are countless outdoor activities that everyone will enjoy. With everything from hunting and fishing to hiking and horseback riding, there is definitely something for everyone. Not to mention all the National Parks in the area and the opportunity to explore more states.

Since Rob will be the on-call guy for emergency response and snow removal, occupancy is required, meaning we will be moving out of Waldo and into a house. Everyone is really excited about this. When we moved into Waldo over four years ago, the kids were all pretty small, so we had a lot of room. Now, we are slowly running out of space, and everyone is looking forward to having a little more elbow room.

Perhaps what we are most excited about are the schools. They are all top rated, with every sport and activity the kids could imagine. The teacher to student ratio is impressively low and they seem to put a lot of effort into their special education program. All of these things will only benefit the kids as they continue their education.

With the kids getting older, we all agree that we need to stay in one place for the rest of their school years. So we are moving not with a traveler’s mentality, but with that of a resident. New Mexico will be our new home. We will set up shop, we will become part of the community.

Rob is scheduled to start in early February, so we will be leaving North Dakota at the end of January. I have a little over a month to get things cleaned out and organized. Almost everything in Waldo needs to join our storage unit in Great Falls for easier moving. Even though we will no longer be living in Waldo, he will still make the trip with us. We will find a nice place to park him and we plan to take him along on road trips around New Mexico and the surrounding area.

This is a really big move for us. When we began the full-time RV lifestyle over four years ago, we had no idea how long it would last. Our plan was to travel until someone decided they no longer wanted to do so. Now here we are, thousands of miles and almost two dozen states later, and our RV life is coming to an end. One never knows what the future might bring, but we are all really excited about this move. I cannot help but think that everything happens for a reason, and we are on our way to where we are meant to be.

12 thoughts on “Next Stop…

  1. That is wonderful news, absolutely great…and I am so pleased that Waldo is going too..it would be very sad if you had to sell him when he has served so well……I am really happy for you and send you my very best wishes for all that you do…..lots of love and drive with care!

  2. I’m so happy things are working out for you all! If you had never done your RV years, you would have always felt like you missed out on something spectacular. Now, on to the next phase in your lives. May they be just as fruitful for you and you enjoy all the adventures your new home state has to offer! We loved New Mexico. Maybe you’ll remember how to get to our old apartment complex! Love you all!!!😘

    • Rob has a job that he really enjoys, and he never would have found it had we not set out in Waldo some years ago. I know the address of our old apartment, I just cannot recall the apt. #. I will send you a picture when I find it. Love you!

  3. I have to admit, I was hoping when you all decided to settle it would be closer to us. I also must admit that I cried a bit when I found out you were going to New Mexico. (although not as much as Catheryn but they were happy tears). I always knew the place you settled would have to be special, and I hear New Mexico is magical. I’m happy you are keeping Waldo, you might need to use it to house all your visitors.
    I’m excited for you all, the kids get good schools and a house! For Nathans sake I hope it has 4 bedrooms!

    • We did not think we would end up so far south, but we are really excited. I think there will be something for everyone. From the sound of it, there will only be two bedrooms to start, but we are bound to have more room than we do now!

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