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Say Cheese!

Okay, so in order for these pictures to make any sense, I have to give you a little background information, none of which seems related, but it will make sense in the end… I think… I hope…

Firstly, I must confess that I usually stress myself out when it comes to picture time. Snapping a shot where all five people are actually looking at the camera with something that resembles a smile on their face, with eyes OPEN, is a miraculous feat. Throw our Tasmanian Devil of a dog into the mix, and, well, good luck.

Secondly, there’s Charbie. As many of you may remember, we adopted Charbs in Knoxville, and, since he hails from Tennessee, we can only assume he is a Titans fan. So we console him when his Titans lose, which, with a record of 2-7, is often. And we cheer for him when they win. You can take the dog out of Tennessee, but apparently you cannot take Tennesse out of the dog, so even though he was adopted by a family of Seahawks fans, he still roots for his Titans, and rightly so.

Thirdly, we decided to wear our team colors for this years holiday card photo. It did not seem fair to make Charbie wear a Hawks jersey, so I set out to find a Titans shirt instead. Problem is that both teams have a very similar color of blue, making it difficult to tell the difference, especially since Charbie’s jersey has the name on the back, where we are looking at his front. So, the challenge was to get Charbie to face backward while looking forward. Like I said earlier, good luck.

This year’s rules were simple: 1.) Do not stress out. 2.) Smile. 3.)Keep looking at the camera no matter what is going on around you. 4.) Smile. 5.) Keep your eyes OPEN. 6.) Smile. 7.) Kindly ask Charbie to look at the camera. (He does not listen.) 8.) Smile. 9.) Do not stress out. 10.) Smile. Oh wait, I am repeating myself, aren’t I? Silly me…

By the time we were finished, we had taken about 15 pictures with the timer. In several of them, someone had their eyes closed, in several more, half of us were not looking. But here is what I learned. Getting Charbs to sit backward while looking forward is impossible. (Who knew, right?) Pictures are much more fun when you just go with it. Perfection does not exist. Patience is priceless. My family is crazy. (I actually already knew that…)

And I still have absolutely no idea what on earth was so funny…







9 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Fives times a charm!!! Love the playing out to the perfect family picture!!! Looking forward to this year’s Christmas card!!! Love all of you so much!!!😘

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