A Sad Good-Bye

Back when we bought our little hobby farm, Wiggy Wabbit was the first animal we brought home. There was a great rabbit hutch out back that we just couldn’t wait to fill. He found Wiggy at the farm store. We had no idea how old he was, but he was not a baby. That was back in early 2007.

We had to sell the farm when we moved back to Montana, and Wiggy Wabbit was the only “farm animal” we were able to take with us. He was small, making him easy to take along, and I think we liked being able to take a piece of the farm with us. When we moved into Waldo, Wiggy came along. He was a member of the family and leaving him behind was not an option, regardless of how crowded we may have been. So when it was time to do some traveling, Wiggy went, too. I think he saw more states that the average bunny.

We would always joke about how grumpy he was. He thumped at us every time we got too loud for his liking, which was often. He was very particular about his food, snubbing almost every treat and toy we tried giving him, and only accepting veggies which met his standards. He loved chewing on his water bottle in the middle of the night. We would bark at him to stop and he would thump at us. It was a lovely cycle. One we assumed would always be there…

My heart broke this afternoon when I came home and found that Wiggy had passed away. He will not be begging for organic, peeled, perfectly sliced carrots in the morning. He will not be yanking lettuce out of our hands. He will not be waking us up with his water bottle and o’ dark thirty. He will not be staring at us with his sweet bunny eyes when we open the refrigerator.

Wiggy Wabbit, I just want to say thank you for sharing your life with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed your company. Thank you for 8.5 years of memories. We love you grumpy bunny, and we will never, ever forget you.

We love you, Wiggy Wabbit!

We love you, Wiggy Wabbit!