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My Scrapbook

July 2010

I woke up some time ago and was unable to fall back asleep. As I lay there, as silly as it sounds, Great Follies was floating through my mind. I have been on the fence for the last several months about whether or not to continue blogging, and I realized tonight that perhaps I was basing that decision on the wrong things. I thought I could let it slip away and not think too much about it. But sitting here at almost 1am, reading through old posts, watching my beautiful children grow up over the years, I realize just how wrong I was. Truth is, this little site is like my scrapbook, and it is very special to me.

I started Great Follies five years ago this month, right after we moved to Great Falls, Montana. If you had asked me then, I probably would have said that we would stay there forever, find a little house, settle in for the long haul. I never in a million years would have imagined what lay in store for us. And here is the thing: our journey is far from over. I have no idea where we are going to end up, or when or how. All I know is that anything can happen, and we are ready for whatever comes our way.

I also know that if I do not continue to share little stories and pictures, then so many of the details will be lost along the way. I need those details. I need to be able to pour over the story of our lives. I need to remember the little moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

It may take me a while to get caught up, but at least now I will be able to do so. Great Follies is back up and running…

May 2015

May 2015

13 thoughts on “My Scrapbook

  1. I have missed you! First thing: I am glad everyone is OK. That was a concern. You all look great and sound happy. Perfect. It is so good to hear from you again!

  2. woke up this morning..grey clouds and black clouds, good chance of rain yet again. Yesterday it rained all day , really miserable……..BUT then today ..I see you are back!
    The clouds drifted away and the sun shone , this is the difference you can make to somebodies day…..I am so happy to see you again..you brighten my life with your famiy tales and your happy smiley faces…. I suppose..yes..its right to say..I HAVE MISSED YOU!

  3. Welcome back! I do enjoy hearing & seeing how your adventurous life unfolds through your posts. I see you still haven’t made it to Wisconsin, though! I’m now employed by the Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation and appreciating this great state more and more. Just putting in my recommendation for your future travels…. 🙂

    • Wisconsin is on the list for sure! I do not know exactly when, but one of these days… Rob and I have actually been there, and it truly is beautiful country. We cannot count the state, though, until the whole family has seen it. 🙂

  4. I commented on this right after you submitted it, but I’m not here so I will try again. Welcome back!!! I’m so glad you are getting back to your blog! You have such a way with your photography and words that you just draw everyone in and they want to be part of your adventures. And we are your biggest fans! We love you all so much and look forward to more stories, adventures and journeys. 🙂

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