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Happy Day!

Well, there goes time, getting away from me once again. Is it seriously mid-December already? I obviously have not been paying attention. Again…

I am currently baking cookies for school parties, doing laundry, crocheting a monkey (or at least I was until I started typing) and rubbing the dog with my foot, so I have my hands (and feet) full at the moment. And I absolutely love it. There is no possible way to complete everything on my list today, but I sure am having a good time trying. If I can manage to save enough cookies to send to school tomorrow, I will consider the day a success! (Om nom nom…) I just wanted to stop in to wish everyone a Happy Day!!

I hope you all are ready, ’cause Santa Claus is coming to town! Better keep your eyes open. πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. Pleased that you had time to stop and post a most interesting piece of writing. I wish all of you a very Very Happy Christmas

  2. Looks like Charlie and Cow Cow are excitedly waiting for Santa! Will there be any cookies in our Christmas box? You know how much we love your cookies! And we love you bunches. I’m glad you are enjoying being a stay at home mom. My days always seemed to go faster than I wanted them to. I remember many a happy day crocheting and sewing away! πŸ™‚

    • I wish I had put cookies in your box, but I did not. 😦 I didn’t get them made soon enough, and then I was nervous that your box would not get there in time if I didn’t get it mailed. I will send you some soon, though!

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