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Finding Anna

About a week ago, we were startled by a loud thump that came from outside. A few minutes later, we heard what sounded like crying. We went outside to check it out and were very surprised to find a cat howling under our RV. Rob had caught a glimpse of her in the past, but she was very elusive. I had never seen her. Β It had been extremely cold (only a high of 2 degrees that day) for the few weeks prior and she must have had all she could handle. She was nervous, but after some coaxing, Rob was able to pick her up.

DSC_0029-1We ran down to the shop to get a cage for her because it was way too cold to ignore her plea for help. We got her all set up in the shop for the night with some towels and a bowl of food, which she scarfed. It was much warmer in there than outside and she was out of the wind. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but she was probably warmer than she had been in weeks.

DSC_0023-1We were not exactly sure what to do with her. Unfortunately, bringing her in the house was not an option since she is very much wild and we weren’t sure what would happen with our other cats. Putting her back outside didn’t seem right since she was not spayed and would just end up having multiple litters of kittens. I called the Humane Society but they would most likely have to put her down since feral cats aren’t really adoptable.

DSC_0025-1We decided the best thing we could do for her was get her spayed and then make a home for her so that hopefully she would never be so desperately cold again. She wasn’t overly impressd with me when I took her to the vet, but I promised her it was for her own good. She got herself a rabies shot while she was there. Rob named her ‘Anna,’ from the movie Frozen. (Redish hair, almost frozen, seemed fitting.)

DSC_0037-1Rob build her a beautiful house, complete with arctic entryway. It is insulated and carpeted and should be a nice place to spend those cold winter nights. After he placed it outside, the kids filled the wood rack around it. Our hope is that the building and wood will add extra warmth and help block the wind.

DSC_0039-1We waited for a while to see if she would come out, but she was not interested, at least not while we were standing there. Eventually we all left, figuring she would come out when she was ready. I had really hoped to see her so I could get a picture of her out of the cage. Rob went back to check on her a little while later and she was gone. We were wondering if she would ever come back, if we would ever see her again, and figured only time would tell.

DSC_0064-1Last night we got a fresh new dusting of snow, and we were pretty excited this morning when we discovered that Anna had come back, leaving her little kitty prints in the snow. Perhaps she was not overly impressed with her stay with us, but I think she must have forgiven us. And I cannot help but think that she is happy with her new set-up. I am not sure what made her choose our house that bitterly cold night, but I am glad she did.Β I just wish there was more that we could do for her.

11 thoughts on “Finding Anna

  1. I know she appreciates what you have done for her. She’s a lucky stray with a warm place to call home. And she’ll always have a full tummy thanks to her new found family. πŸ™‚

  2. I am LOVING this! Poor baby! She knew who to come to for help–and she was so right! Her shelter is beautiful. If she let you pick her up, she must not be too feral. So happy for Anna and so tickled for you helping her. Now, she might tell all her friends…. πŸ™‚

  3. The animals that find you are always so lucky. I can’t help but notice how she just happens to look like a few very lucky kittens.

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