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Photography 101: Home

Day 1…

I love how many interpretations there are for the word home. Some consider it to be a place, others a feeling, to some it is a person. How can such a small word mean so many different things?

I think sometimes I get ‘home’ confused with ‘where one is from. I do not know where I am from. I am from a little bit of everywhere. Not one specific place. No single location. But I have no doubts that I am home. At the end of the day, everyone will be here together. Talking about our days. Petting the dog. Eating dinner. Tripping over each other.

I may not know where I am from, and I may have absolutely no idea where I am going, but I do know that I am right where I am meant to be. This is where my heart is. This is home.      



17 thoughts on “Photography 101: Home

  1. I just looked through quite a few of your posts. What incredible life experiences you and your family are having. I have friends who retired five or six months ago, gave everything away except what could fit in two suitcases and took off in their RV. You are all such good role models.

  2. Home is where your heart is, how lucky you are to realize that! Beautiful photo, I can’t wait to see ND.

  3. We are selling our house and moving into a bus! Looking forward to the downsizing(we lived in a trailer previously, so it’s not a new idea) and the simpler lifestyle. Looks like you are enjoying yours!

  4. I see by your map, you’ve been to Virginia. If ever you come through Richmond, set time aside to visit Maymont Park. Google it, or check it out through my blog as I have a couple of posts posted. LOL … You’ll love it! I envy your lifestyle. Be safe as you travel.

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