Two days after arriving in North Dakota, Rob heard a tiny cry out in the field. The kids took off to find where it was coming from, and they turned up with a kitten. Then, another cry, and another kitten. By the time they were done, they had rounded up five kittens. We are not sure why Mama Kitty left, but something must have come up. Her tiny babies were hungry and cold, so we brought them into the house. After some research, we estimated them to be about five weeks old.

They were in pretty rough shape, but took to food pretty quickly. Before we knew it, they had big, round bellies and were full of energy.  They had some skin issues so we have been bathing them in a special shampoo and they have healed up nicely. Two of them have since gone to new homes and we are planning on keeping one, but the others will have to be adopted. I would love to keep them all, but with Remi, Charbie and Wiggy Wabbit, that would be too many critters for such a small space.

They sure are fun to have around, though, and I am so glad we stumbled upon them when we did. Charbie loves to play with them and follows them everywhere, love-nibbling them constantly. Even Remington P. Cat doesn’t seem to mind them. He doesn’t necessarily want to play with them, but he tolerates them just fine.

Sooooo, if anyone is in the market for a super cute orange tabby kitten, I know where you can find one. Just sayin’… 🙂