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The End of a Season

Our time here at Hopewell Furnace has just flown by, but today was Rob’s last day at work and tomorrow we are hitting the road. We have a 1,700+ mile journey ahead of us as we make our way to North Dakota. We have some stops planned along the way as well as a visit with some family. This time of year makes for some beautiful scenery and we are looking forward to everything that lies ahead.

Rob took the camera out a few mornings ago and got some beautiful pictures of the park. I though it only fitting to share some of them with you on this, our last night here. Hopewell Furnace has been incredible and it is a place that will always hold a special place for us.


10 thoughts on “The End of a Season

  1. Have a safe trip to your new home. Enjoy the sights along the way and visits with family. We look forward to seeing you in your new home in the spring. Love you guys! 🙂

  2. I remain green with envy of your adventures.Now I am too old to ever be able to do anything like that , so I have to be content t o live my adventurous life through reading your blog. How much pleasure I get in unbelievable..so from my heart ..I thank you all.
    I do hope that you will be safe on your journey and that you wbill be happy in North Dakota.
    has the idea of writing your adventures into a book ever occurred to you.
    Take care my lovelies, travel in safety..my thoughts are with you all the way
    love from P xxxx
    look after Waldo

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