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School Days

We began our 3rd year of homeschooling today. William was excited to start 5th grade while the twins were excited about 4th. Summer went by a little too fast for my liking, but it usually does, so to all of you with kids heading off to school,

Happy New School Year!

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4 thoughts on “School Days

  1. They are growing up so fast
    ..how do you know if you are teaching them to the correct standard…does somebody have to make checks….
    you are doing a fantastic job in raising your kids and even though you had doubts in the beginning I feel sure that by now you must know that you made the right decision xxx
    Happy new learning new things year!

    • I have a curriculum that I follow. This is our second year with this curriculum and while I am not sure if I will use the same one next year, it is giving me a good feel for what works for us and what does not.

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