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Most of our volunteer hours here in the park are spent in the gardens, weeding and maintaining or occasionally planting flowers. These last few weeks, however, we were painting. The kids were excited because this was their first painting project. There were days I was convinced they had more paint on themselves than they had actually gotten on the building, but they worked hard and did a really good job.


Seven gallons of paint later, we are all finished and it looks much better. New roof, new windows, fresh coat of paint, all it needs now is a little TLC on the old doors and it will look as good as new. I am so glad we were entrusted with this project because we really did have a good time. Standing out in the sunshine (with the spiders…), painting bugs (and spiders…), running from bees (and spiders…), swatting gnats (and spiders…). I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that!



6 thoughts on ““Fireweed”

    • I think I am going to award PA with Creepiest Spiders EVER!! I lost track of how many times someone ran around the building doing the ‘spider dance’… (Usually me…)

  1. I tried to leave a comment the normal way but it would not be sent ..so I start again. I would love to see you doing the new Spider Dance. This could become the craze of the century. Can we have a video demo? The work on the house is great and I bet all three enjoyed doing it BUT…where is Rob?

    give my regards to your Mom..I have not seen any of her comments lately ..is she ok?

  2. Here I am!!! Back from vacation and nursing a sick hubby. He’s doing much better also. You four did such a fantastic job on the building! It reminds me of the buildings you painted on your farm. Congratulations on job well done! πŸ™‚ Love you!!!

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