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Birthday Boy!

This young man has taught me the importance of slow, deep breaths, the value of a good pillow to bury my face in, and the significance of a good place to hide. He’s wild, he’s crazy, he’s completely insane. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy 11th Birthday to my amazing son. The one who will either kill me or make me stronger. The verdict is still out…

Sure do love you, kiddo.

DSC_0250 2014-06-06 19-49-

Happy Birthday, William Clark!!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

    • We just got back from our three week adventure out west so I have some catching up to do. You need to capitalize that T on trouble. 🙂 Love him to pieces, though, even if he is turning my hair undesirable colors…

  1. Happy Birthday William..I know another William who sounds as naughty and troublesome as you…maybe its the name…change it to Fred… hope you guys are srill having a great time. I thought that we had lost you somewhere in darkest usa, but just like the lucky penny you turn up again. Love to all

  2. Happy happy Birthday William. We love you and enjoyed our visit with you, your siblings and your mom! We miss you already!!!

  3. I really wish I had gotten up with you here on the Outer Banks – my son just turned 11 on June 3rd! I am going to a home school meeting on Tuesday. I’ve decided to take the plunge and hope the finances work out somehow?! Glad to see you are doing well. Take care, Jami

    • I wish we had been able to get together as well. Congratulations on the decision to home school! I think it is a great first step! Best of luck to your family and Happy Birthday to your son!!

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