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Spring has Sprung!

I absolutely love spring, and I think it has officially sprung here in Pennsylvania. Charbie and I went for a nice walk through the park this evening and it was incredibly beautiful. There must be a million shades of green out there. After a long, drab winter and seemingly endless rain, the variety of colors is extremely refreshing.

DSC_0087 2014-09-05 21-39-


The orchard is blooming and everywhere you look, colorful flowers are poking their little heads up through the grass. Out in the pasture, the lambs are strong and energetic, wearing out their mamas by the end of the day.Β The water wheel has been turned on after a winter of rest and all of the bright grass has been freshly mowed. This coming Sunday is sheep-shearing day here at the park, and nothing says spring quite like sheep-shearing.

With spring comes the end of another school year and a new group of high school gradates. This year my nephew, Ian, will be one of those proud graduates. When I graduated from high school, (which does not seem all that long ago) Ian was only three weeks old, and here it is time for his graduation already. My sister made me promise years ago that since Ian was at my graduation, I would be at his. I may be thousands of miles away, but I am not one to break a promise, so on Wednesday, the kids and I are flying back to Idaho.

DSC_0084 2014-09-05 22-31-

We had originally planned on driving, but my family is so amazing, (and they said it would take us too long to drive and they wanted us there sooner) that they bought us plane tickets. The kids are crazy excited about getting to fly. Will flew when he was two, but I don’t think he really remembers it and the twins have never flown. I am just super excited for what will be waiting at the other end of the flight.

We will be back on the western side of the U.S. for three weeks and in that time, we will visit Grammy and Grampy, Great Grandma, aunties and uncles, cousins and two very dear friends of mine. I will get to see two aunts whom I have not seen in 13 years, and will even be running a half marathon with one of them. We will spend time in Boise, Spokane and Reno. We will be there for three birthdays and the graduation of one amazing young man. The only one missing will be Rob, who, unfortunately, will be staying home so he can work and hold down the fort. I wish more than anything that we could all go together, it is just not possible.

DSC_0089 2014-09-05 22-31-

As for the kids, May 20 marks the end of the school year for them and they, too, will be turned loose for the summer. We have some things we need to work on over the long break, but for the most part they will be free as wild birds. Another school year has flown by…

So many exciting things happening, so many amazing places to go, so many wonderful people to visit… I. Love. Spring.

8 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!

  1. I can feel the excitement just reading your words, and I know that your Mom is really looking forward to seeing you all again. I know this because she told me.
    that is a beautiful house..is that where you will be staying. It is wonderful to hear that everything is happening along well. Yes, Spring is with you now. You have waited fortits for a long time, but at lazt everything’s is coming back to life.
    feel sorry for poor Rob left behind like Cinderella, but someone has to keep the cents rolling in, take care of the animals and all the other chores..lots of love Rob for being such a brave soldier…
    love to you all, stay safe and look after each other

    • That house is the iron master’s house here in the park. It is beautiful. Rob would really like to be able to go with us, but I doubt he will mind a little peace and quiet around here. πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry for errors, writing this in bed.. I meant …waited for it……and but at least everything…
    silly old me..xxxxx

  3. Oh, the excitement in your voice just bubbled! Totally with you on the Spring bandwagon. ‘About time’ is all I can say. Gorgeous house, gorgeous. Safe flight!

  4. We are so excited for your visit!!! We have been counting down the days and your sister is jealous that we get to see you first! Oh well, such is life. I wish it was our house in your picture (I would have a much bigger sewing room! ) but we are happy with the one we have (with a little less sewing room! ). We will miss you Rob but we will be thinking of you! Only 4 more days!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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