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The kids were egg-static today when they found out it was time to dye eggs. We didn’t have as many eggs as I had thought, but they were still egg-cited about getting to color them. It was a sp-egg-tacular day out so they dyed them outside on the picnic table. In my opinion, they turned out egg-ceptionally pretty. And egg-stra colorful. And that, my friends, is no yoke…

DSC_0032 2014-19-04 21-45-

13 thoughts on “Eggs

    • Hi Mom..Happy Easter to you. How are you ? GOING TO BE VERY BUSY when your family finally reach you . Take care love Px

      • Thank you! We can hardly wait for Mariah and the kiddos to get here! My sister is also egg-cited to do a Ā½ marathon with her on May 17th. They haven’t seen each other since 2001 and she’s never met the kids! It will be a great reunion!!! šŸ™‚

      • It will indeed Mom . I think that you should be very proud of what Mariah and Rob haven achieved..I think they are wonderful. I do hope that you will all enjoy seeing each other again and I,m sure you will notice the different in the kiddos….have fun my dear and thank you for writing to me

  1. Happy Easter, you really are quite a crazy lot but lovely too.
    that was a very good post Mariah…your education shines through lol! Here is an egg stra love for you xxxx

      • Not only that…I got a letter from your Mom …wonderful how strangers (only friends we have never met) can communicate so easily with the help of modern techies, but yes I loved your egg- cell- ent post

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