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Parked in Pennsylvania

We had considered visiting the Arlington National Cemetery before leaving the D.C. area on Friday, but we had to have Waldo checked out of his spot by noon so it would have been a very quick visit. As much as we wanted to go, we decided to save it for another trip. That is not a place we would have wanted to rush through, so if we weren’t able to spend the day, then we would return when we could.

When we left Greenbelt, Maryland, we were about 120 miles from our destination in Pennsylvania. I had thought it would only take us a couple of hours, but we took all the back roads in order to avoid the tolls and it took us about five hours. It was a beautiful drive. There were a few scary spots, though, like the narrow bridge that was up against a cement wall, and the drive through the streets of downtown Baltimore, and a couple different occasions where apparently Waldo was invisible to other vehicles. Rob is such a pro, though, even in heavy traffic.

We arrived safe and sound on Friday afternoon.

Rob’s job with the NPS was to begin on Monday, so we had a couple of days to get ourselves settled into our spot and get Waldo hooked up and leveled. Everything went smoothly and we are ready to go for the summer. Rob’s job here will last for six months, so we will not be moving again until this fall.

If you peek over at our state map you might notice that we were able to add Maryland and Delaware, so if you heard any squealing last week, it was just me as we crossed the state lines. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Parked in Pennsylvania

  1. Time to rest!! Six months will go fast and by the end you will be ready to roam again. Looking forward to you being in our part of the US of A. Love and miss you all so much!!! 🙂

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