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Hangin’ with the Fishes


I know that bad weather is to be expected in winter, but this entire week has been downright nasty. It has been grey, cold, rainy and very, very windy. We have spent the week hunkering down, trying not to blow away. Today we really needed to get out of the house, though, so we went over to the aquarium.


We spent a good few hours hanging with the fishes and petting the sting rays and sea urchins. We were even there at feeding time for the sting rays and it was fun to watch them eat. Nathan was a little disappointed that the sea turtle habitat was under construction, but there were several other turtles for him to admire. There were sea otters and a couple of alligators and lots and lots of different kinds of fish. They even had several sharks, which everyone found fascinating.  


We were very excited to find that the wind was still whipping when we left the aquarium. We really should be used to the wind, having spent a few years on the West Plains of Spokane, Washington and then a couple more years in Great Falls, Montana, both places being extremely windy, but we never seem to get used to it. And while we can handle the cold and the rain and the grey skies, Rob and I both find ourselves cursing at the wind. Not that it does any good, but perhaps it makes us feel just a little bit better…


Of course tonight the wind is still howling and Waldo is really rocking, and it is loud. Very, very loud. But tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out and the wind should calm down by the afternoon. We have heard from many locals that winter here is not normally this bad. I am not sure if we should feel privileged to have experienced such an uncharacteristically miserable winter, or cheated that we missed out on a normally pleasant one. Either way, I am ready for it to be over.


2 thoughts on “Hangin’ with the Fishes

  1. I hope that Waldo holds his ground.I have experienced that when in Spain with our RV.not very relaxing..

  2. We also visited the aquarium with Gary and Ellen. It was pretty cool and I thought of Nathan when I saw the sea turtle sculpture. We have many fond memories of the Outer Banks and always wonder when we will be able to return. I remember when I lived at the beach of Washington state when I was a teen and was very surprised when we got record snow fall the first winter we were there! And many a windy day!!!!!! Nice weather is coming, though, just be patient. Love you guys!!! 🙂

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