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Farm Memories – Part Three

When it came to critters, the chickens surprised us the most. We had planned on them running around, laying eggs when they felt like it, but what we got was a group of the funniest, most entertaining birds ever. It got to the point where we were carrying around saltine crackers in our pockets just so that when they came running at us doing their silly little chicken dance, we could reward them for their efforts. Anyone who says that chickens do not have personality has not spent any time with them, ’cause let me tell you, they have Personality. And yes, that is a capital P…

The ducks came along later. We brought them home the spring before we left so we did not have much time with them. After raising them in the barn, we were able to get them moved to their outside pen. They were fun to watch, and I have a feeling that they would have been just as entertaining as the chickens.

4 thoughts on “Farm Memories – Part Three

  1. Chickens have their own individual. Personalities I loved having chickens but not when the fox invaded .that was when we decided to give them a new home

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