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Farm Memories – Part One

I was looking for a battery when I came upon a bag of memory cards. 13 of them to be exact. Thousands of pictures from years gone by just waiting to be remembered.

I spent a majority of my day cruising the streets of Memory Lane, marveling at all the places we have been and all the things we have done, how much the kids have grown and just how fast time flies, but the pictures that really tugged at my heart were the ones taken on our farm. The farm that played such an important role in our lives. The farm that came along a little too soon. We were restless, our desire to wander free was stronger than our desire to plant roots, and so we decided to let it go.

I know without a doubt that everything happens for a reason. There is a reason we left the farm to go back to Montana. And there is a reason we left Montana for the open road. I have no doubts that we will end up on a farm again someday, we all agree on that. It’s the when and where that remain a mystery.

I looked through our farm pictures with loving fondness, knowing that I wanted to share with you what was so precious to us. As I viewed picture after picture, however, I realized that there was way too much to put into a single post, so you will have to endure several days of my reminiscing.

To start your journey through Harper’s Farm, I would like to introduce Big Red, a beautiful horse with a spirit as wild as the wind itself…

…I heard a neigh.  Oh, such a brisk and melodious neigh as that was!  My very heart leaped with delight at the sound.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Chimæra,”A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys, 1852

6 thoughts on “Farm Memories – Part One

  1. when I first started following you (sounds like a stalker) you were just leaving the farm and going to live in a caravan. I don’t think it was Waldo..it was a sad time and I can recall all your previous post cos I went backwards and read them all.
    This is why I can see the difference in your writing ability….have you ever read them and then read your current posts..there is a vast difference…..
    I am looking forward to looking back with you….( that’s not sense really , looking forward and looking back in the same sentence..but you know what I mean.
    How come you have time to go meandering into the past…are you resting up somewhere?
    who would have thought those those two desperate desolate people would have made such a resounding success of doing the abnormal by going on the road….absolutely wonderful

  2. Oh, I was happy to read Misswhiplash’s comment. I had read some of your previous posts, but now I will go back and read them all.
    Big Red is beautiful, as are these memories. I so look forward to walking down memory lane with you. I know it will be a beautiful, heartfelt journey.

  3. I too love looking back at wonderful memories and seeing how everyone and everything has changed. It must seem like such a long time ago even though it’s only been 7 or so short years. Time flies by so fast and you wonder where all the years have gone. They are right there in all of your wonderful pictures! Enjoy the journey, as you know all of us will! 🙂

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