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Unruly Noodles and the Seattle Seahawks

I am not sure what it is about rainy days, but they always make me want to bake tasty things to eat. Years ago Rob and I had made some amazing homemade noodles, and while we had talked about making them again, we never actually got around to it. Until today.



I found a really easy recipe from the Pioneer Woman that called for only flour and eggs, and I set about making noodles. Actually, I set about playing with a ball of dough, and if the noodles actually turned out when I was finished, then that would be a bonus. Rob likes to tease me because it does not matter how many times I use the same recipe, my end results never turn out the same. The good thing about these noodles, though, was that I had never made them before, so regardless of how they turned out, we really didn’t have anything to compare them to. This is a very good thing when I am the one doing the cooking.

I rolled out my dough and used the largest knife I could find to cut my noodles. I did not get my dough rolled out thin enough, nor did I not cut them thin enough. This resulted in some of the thickest noodles I have ever seen. But boy were they tasty. The only problem was that they assaulted you as you tried to eat them. They were so long and thick and unruly that they attacked your face as you tried to shove them into your mouth. Our family of five looked like a group of daycare toddlers at lunch time, creamy sauce smeared all over our faces. I didn’t hear anyone complaining, though.


My only regret was that I did not double the recipe and we were all left wanting more. I decided I would just have to make some cookies to make up for it. Unfortunately, I did not have enough eggs, having used all but one for the noodles.  When I get determined to make dessert, though, I can almost always come up with something. So I found a recipe for chocolate chip muffins that only took one egg. It did not have the highest rating, but I was not in a position to be picky. We quickly found out why they were not ranked among the best, as they refused to come out of their muffin papers and were extremely chewy. In defense of the recipe, however, this was quite possibly caused by baker error, as is usually the case when I am left unattended in the kitchen.

And, on a completely unrelated side note, I just have to say… and, yes, this is VERY important…

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!!! Way to go Seattle!!!!

“This is a new age of Seahawks football, one that is poised to continue for years to come. With a dynamic quarterback, a diversified offense and a defense that reduced one of the best ever to mediocrity, the Seahawks are positioned for sustained success — eventually. But first, they will enjoy this, the championship, their dominance, and wait, just wait, they said, until the parade on Wednesday.” ~Ben Shpigel, New York Times

7 thoughts on “Unruly Noodles and the Seattle Seahawks

  1. Homemade noodles taste all the better for being irregular shapes and thicknesses. As long as everyone enjoyed eating them..then it was a great sucess. As for chewy muffins..that sounds wonderful..I am addicted to chewy meringue but only half gets cooked as the rest is eaten I in the preparation..sometimes none gets cooked as I have eaten the lot
    happy that you are happy about the Super Bowl. Of course being english I don, t understand what was going on and what all the fuss was about…sorry…but I am glad your side won

  2. Back in High School when I was Vice Pres of the Italian club, I learned to make ravioli and tagliatelle verdi with a machinetta – a little machine for rolling thin and cutting noodles. I bought my own machinetta and ravioli rolling pin which have sat unused for some years. You are inspiring me to get it down and start cranking out pasta! For simple, lumpy, noodles that are irregular and delicious, I recommend spaetzle. Mix the dough on a small cutting board and flick it in little pieces into a pot of boiling water with a paring knife. Fun and simple.

  3. I have a hand crank machine to thin my dough before cutting. I admire you for trying to roll it out, what a workout!

  4. I love homemade noodles!!! The thicker the better!!! You have had spaetzle before in Germany. But, there aren’t too many things of Germany you remember, though. You liked it though, yummy with gravy on it. Your father and I are always looking for German restaurants wherever we go and find the dishes that come with spaetzle and red cabbage. Leavenworth is one of our favorite towns for German dishes!

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