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Winter and I have never gotten along very well. The long dreary days eventually take their toll and my usually positive self all but disappears.

It is the weather, it is a little uncertainty, it is the desperate feeling of having no idea what to do, and being restless because of it. It is where I become the very definition of insanity, watching each day pass just as the one before, yet hoping for something different. A thought. A plan. An idea. Anything.

I spend my days in the presence of my sun lamp, wearing a path in the floor as I pace back and forth, my mind running in vicious circles. Desperate for something to do, yet not wanting to do anything.

I know that this, too, will pass, as everything always does. And no matter how I am feeling right now, in the end, things will turn out exactly as they are meant to be and life will go on.

My head knows this.

The problem is convincing my heart…

8 thoughts on “Blue

  1. I also have my happy light burning away….weeks of frozen fog and no sun. I completely understand! Spring is right around the corner!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Just look out your window at the beautiful view and know that we are all (well maybe a lot) a little envious of where you are right now. I know it looks a little bleak right now but not for long! Even storms at the beach can be beautiful! We love you and will be seeing you in May!!! πŸ™‚ !!!

  3. My cabin fever is alleviated by tens of thousands of books and CDs. Posted today about my trip “Around the World in 24 Hours”…maybe it’ll give you some ideas of how to engage your mind & senses in the lull.

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