Time to Roll!!

Today marks one week since we were officially done with Amazon for the season. After your exit date, you are given one additional day at your RV park in order to pack up and roll out, but with Christmas only a few days away, and no rush to get to North Carolina, we decided to stay for an extra week. That week ends tomorrow, so we are getting ready to roll.

Yesterday was filled with cleaning up the house and putting decorations away, organizing the basement, vacuuming out the van and taking a load of donate items over to Goodwill. I am always amazed at just how much we spread out when we are parked for a few months, and just how long it takes to put it all back away.

Today we drove Waldo over to get him filled up with propane. It was quite a treat for me because, since I drive the chase vehicle, I rarely get to ride in Waldo. We decided to fuel him up while we were out, and Rob let me drive him the final three blocks home. I spun him around in a parking lot once when we were still in Great Falls, but this was my first on-the-road driving experience with Waldo. I even backed him into our RV spot without running anything over!

We finished up a few small projects this afternoon, and I think now we are ready to roll. Our original plan was to slowly make our way over to the North Carolina coast, but we were invited by a dear friend to spend a few days with her and her family in Virginia. (I will share more about her soon. She is so special she is going to need her own post.) So we are heading over to Virginia first, and then on to the coast. We are also going to stop at the Cumberland Gap along the way. The Gap is the last stamp I need to complete the state of Kentucky in my National Parks Passport.

One of my favorite things about travel days is crossing state borders. So tomorrow, if you hear a squeal in the early afternoon, it is probably just me as we enter the state of Virginia. 🙂