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Charbie the Wander Dog

I don’t have much experience with dogs.

I do know this, though. Charbie is insane. Completely. Insane.

Never in my life have I met such a character. This dog snuffles everything. Grass. Dirt. Rocks. Shoes. He snuffles the cat constantly. He eats cat food and cat treats and cat toys. And sometimes even the cat. He loves Remington so much that as soon as he is done snuffling him, he love-nibbles up and down his back. He follows this up with some more snuffling, just for good measure. (Don’t tell Remi that I told you this, but I think he secretly enjoys it. I have watched that cat sneak up onto the couch and slide under Charbie’s chin so he could lay with him. Remington knows perfectly well that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, lies beside Charbie without being snuffled. And if the snuffling involves Remi, then nibbles are sure to follow.)

He is also a hoarder. I think he has close to a dozen tennis balls by now. He started out with a couple, and now he snags every one he can find. Even those that were intended for, oh, I don’t know, tennis. I am pretty sure that he counts his stash throughout the day to ensure that nobody is stealing his balls. He then throws said balls around the house and chases them. I often catch him batting one around while another is still in his mouth. He also enjoys dissecting stuffies.

I pick up his toys and he immediately pulls them all back out again. I wash the windows and he follows behind me smearing his nose all over them. (And yes, I am pretty sure he does this on purpose.) I stand up from the couch and he steals my warm spot before I have a chance to sit back down again. His latest accomplishment is photo-bombing. The dog should seriously receive an award for his skills.

DSC_1032 Charbie

Our little photo-bomber. Yes, he is part cow. Grazing is one of his favorite past times.

Most mornings he wakes me up by trying to push one of his toys into my hand. Or shoving his face under my hand so that I will pet him. Or dropping his chew bone on the floor. (Over and over and over again.) Or stepping on my bladder or chewing on his toenails or playing tag with Remington P. Cat. My favorite part of the morning is making the bed because I never know what is going to fall out of it. I usually find a ball or two, a squeaky pig, a kong and a slobbery tuggy. All failed attempts at waking me up.

He seems to think that he is the coolest thing since shirt pockets and that everyone in the world wants to be his friend.

And he would be right.

I have a confession to make: Remington P. Cat is not the only one who enjoys Charbie’s love-nibbles. He is so sweet and dainty about it and while he is showering me with unmistakable affection, he is looking up at me with those big brown eyes that just melt my heart. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I am in love with this little dog.

I don’t have much experience with dogs.

I do know this, though. Charbie is perfect. Absolutely. Perfect.

(And, yes, completely insane…)

8 thoughts on “Charbie the Wander Dog

  1. Charbie insane eh! And you don, t know much about dogs!
    I have had dogs for most of my life and now being 74, that, s a lotta dogs..I will divulge a secret…
    happy dogs are like their owners..dogs chose people who they know or of thes same or similsr to themselves…sometimes dog and owner even look alike.
    so on those words if Charbie is insane it follows that you are too. If I remember rightly a lot of people said thiswhen you set out on your new life journey!
    but that is the rewardfor having a dog, the fun, the joy, the loyalty and the love that passes fromdog to human andhuman todog…there

    • I completely agree with you. Charbie has entered a house of crazy folks (myself excluded 🙂 ) and so he fits right in!! He has been such a joy these past seven months and I cannot imagine life without him. I guess we were just in the right place at the right time. 🙂

  2. will finish what I was saying (in bed on I pad) There is nothing like the companionship and love of a dog. It is good that he loves Remy so much…my cats and dogs also cuddle up together.
    But mine are now getting old and do not play about so much so like us old people they just lie around.

    That is a great pic of the children and dog…. and loved your post

    • Remi is almost 16 now, and so it gives me great pleasure to see him and Charbie together. I think Charbie’s youth makes Remi feel young again, and to see them play together makes my heart smile. 🙂

  3. And all this time I thought his name was “Charlie” ! But, that aside, he is an adorable and much loved dog, and he knows it. All animals should feel how much they are loved by their family, and Charlie does that. What a lucky dog you are, Charbie, to have such an adoring family and a friendly cat to snuffle! So glad you are part of one of my most favorite families! 🙂

    • His name is Charlie B., but somehow that has morphed into Charbie, and that is what we call him most of the time. He answers to practically anything, though. Charbs, Charbols, Spaz, you know, pretty much anything… 🙂 He is an amazing dog, though, and I am so glad that he is with us.

  4. Charlie sounds like a delightful character and must give you and the family lots of laughs, and perfect fodder for posts for your blog……all of us who are animal lovers love hearing stories of animals……I, myself am a cat lover and I have some doosies of stories about them too….

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