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Time to Run!

I am sitting in my hotel room right now, anxiously awaiting the start of my marathon tomorrow. William and I arrived yesterday after an 840 mile, 14+ hour journey. The last 40 miles alone took us a little over two hours to complete. I had never seen so many cars in one place in my life, let alone at a stand still on the freeway. Every road coming and going was barely moving, which was amazing considering it was only 1:00 in the afternoon.

We are actually in St. Charles, about 30 miles or so from Chicago. The starting line for tomorrow’s run is just over a mile from the hotel and I know right where I need to go. I gathered all of my gear today and have my morning all planned out. I think I am ready for this. I have been training for this for a long time and I am ready to run. Less than 12 hours to go!

10 thoughts on “Time to Run!

  1. Good luck!!! I just know you are going to do fantastic!!! Glad you made it to your destination safe and sound. We’ll be rooting for you tomorrow! Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!! We love you!! Give William a big hug and a kiss for us and give yourself a big squeeze from us. 🙂

  2. One hundred times ‘ best of luck’….you are constantly suprising me with the things you get up to..wish I could be there to see you run but my thoughts sre with you

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