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We finally made it to Gettysburg, the turning point of the American Civil War, for Rob’s birthday. We spent the larger part of a day there, but it was not nearly long enough. All of our time was spent out on the battlefield, leaving us no time to view the museum and cyclorama. Even with all the time we spent outside, we still did not have time to see it all. We took our time in the beginning, but quickly realized that we were going to have to pick up the pace if we wanted to see as much as possible. I don’t think we had realized just how large the battlefield actually is. There are so many monuments and memorials and we wanted to stop to read them all.

The kids were able to complete the Junior Ranger program, so we learned a lot from that, but there is still so much to see and learn. We are planning on going back, but that visit will probably have to wait until next summer.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg and I am glad we were able to experience it.


6 thoughts on “Gettysburg

  1. We absolutely loved Gettysburg and hope that going back is in our future. I’m really glad you all got the opportunity to go and get a very valuable history lesson. It’s a very solumn place.

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