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Oh, Happy Day!

I love the fact that no matter how old Rob gets, he still looks forward to his birthday…

DSC_0427 Rob

I love the fact that he still gets giddy when his sister’s call him to sing Happy Birthday…

DSC_0439 Rob

I love the way his eyes light up when it is time to open his presents and eat cake…

DSC_0433 Rob

I love the way he smiles when he sees the house all decorated for him, streamers and balloons hanging all over…

DSC_0428 Rob

I love the fact that he is never too old for party hats and goofy faces…

DSC_0437 Rob

Truth is, I love absolutely everything about this wonderful man. And I love the fact that I am the lucky one who gets to grow old with him. Happy Birthday, Honey!!! I sure do love you.

DSC_0438 Rob

3 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day!

  1. Happy Birthday, Rob! Looks like it was a great day for you. How could you have anything else with a family as wonderful as yours! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Rob,! Is it really that time of year again. It only seems a short time since your last birthday and you do not look a day older…it, s that good livIng that does it. Have a happy day xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday to a fellow August-born! My family has a cluster of August birthdays…probably conceived in the peak of Thanksgiving joy. Lots to be thankful for, to be sure!

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