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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Sometimes when I look into Charlie’s deep brown eyes, I catch a glimpse of Bailey, and I long to see him once again, if only for a moment. I am reminded of all the years we spent together and all the adventures we had. And I am grateful.

Then Charlie climbs up on my lap and gently kisses my nose. I think of all the years we will share together and all the adventures we will go on, and I am grateful.

Very, very grateful.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

  1. I know just how you feel…We had Gyp who was near enough human and we miss him so much but now with four dogs of all different personalities , they all have their own lovely ways. But it would take a BIG dog to eliminate the memory of Gyp..one in a million

    • It is amazing how deeply we get attached to our furry friends. Others come and while they are very special, it is impossible to “replace” those who have passed.

  2. Bailey was a sweet dog! But, so is Charlie and you will have lots of time to heap up the memories with him. Look how many you have already! 🙂

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