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Cooling Off in Big Creek

About six miles down the road, we cross the North Carolina border and arrive at Big Creek, right where it dumps into the Pigeon River. This is the perfect swimming hole on warm sunny days. The kids absolutely love it, and while Rob and I do get in the water from time to time, what we really enjoy is the down time on the shore. Today we sat in the shade and read while the kids slowly turned themselves into prunes. I must admit, though, the little water chute is very fun to ride down, even if the water is beyond cold. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Cooling Off in Big Creek

  1. Looks like everyone was having fun! So excited for Monday! It seems like forever since we’ve seen you! Your blogs have helped the time pass, though. See you in 2 days!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. hello Mom..hope that you are well..enjoy your visit with your grandkids….
    The pictures are super..i bet that there is a lot of high factor sun screen on those little bodies…
    Stay away from Tornado Alley..don’t go anywhere near it..I do not want you to be sucked up into the clouds and never seen again.
    enjoy your visit with your Mom . I bet she will see a vast difference especially with the children.

    Stay safe my dear friend

    • We are very well. Thank you for asking. Anxious for our visit with Mariah, Rob and the kiddos. I know they have grown up a lot since we last saw them. I know the time will go faster than we want.

  3. I shall be away from 3 june until 25 th so you may not hear from me..don’t get worried I am on holiday in Asia

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