Charlie B. and Remington P.

Remi loves to get Charlie in trouble. He walks by him, gently rubbing his tail under Charlie’s nose, teasing him mercilessly. When Charlie launches, he gets yelled at, and Remi walks away, laughing as he goes. Lately he has been doing this more and more, encouraging Charlie to do his playful little dance, ready to tug-of-war with Remi, and Remi bats at him with his imaginary claws. Charlie hops around with his front legs on the floor, butt high in the air, tail wagging, desperate to play with this furry little kitty who always manages to get away. It is really quite funny to watch, but at 15 years old, Remi is not the tough “warrior” cat he once was, so we do not encourage Charlie, with his pointy puppy teeth, to launch at him. But despite how often Remi tries to lure Charlie into his trap, we know that he secretly loves having him around. They sleep together on the couch. They stare together out the window. They are buddies. Pals. Friends. Just don’t ask Remi, because he would never admit it…

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Backgroud

Big Creek is absolutely beautiful. I love the way the water rushes over the big boulders as it makes its way to the river. As we slid down the hill to get closer to the water, I noticed many rock stacks. And while I intended to take pictures of the creek, I ended up taking pictures of rock stacks, and the river ended up… in the background.

DSC_0605 in the background

Mouse Creek Falls

In honor of the “unofficial” kick-off of summer, we decided to head out on a hike. Just over the North Carolina border is a little trail that leads to a popular swimming spot called Midnite Hole. The last time we took the trail, it was way too cold to play in the water, so we thought we would try it again. William and Rob took their time on the trail, identifying trees and flowers as they went, while the twins and I ventured ahead in search of millipedes and centipedes and snails.

DSC_0505 Mouse

The forests around here are very thick, and it seems as if you can always hear things slithering along in the grass and leaves. I myself am not a big fan of things that slither or leave slimy trails in their wake, but they are excellent nature lessons for the kids so I try not to squeal anymore than absolutely necessary.

DSC_0543 mouse

About a mile and a half up the trail we came to the swimming hole. People actually dive and do flips off of the rocks into the beautiful pool below. Luckily, the kids were content to swim around while trying to catch fish. They had to swim in their clothes so they were a little cold when we continued on down the trail, but Mouse Creek Falls was only another half mile away.

DSC_0558 mouse

Mouse Creek Falls is a nice little spot where Mouse Creek dumps into Big Creek. We lingered for a little while, admiring the water and all the little rock towers that someone had built, and then we headed back to the car. The kids wanted to run back, so Rob made the announcement that the last one back was a rotten egg, and the race was on. It was only two miles back to the car, and somehow we all made it back in one piece. William came in first, of course, followed by the twins. Rob and I don’t bounce as well as we used to so we were a little more cautious on the way down. I did touch the van about 4 seconds before Rob, though, so I guess he was the rotten egg. 🙂

DSC_0613 mouse