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Can we keep him? – Part 2

I thought I had seen it all, so today when the kids brought home another lizard, I was not surprised, although I must admit that this one was a little bigger than all of the others.

IMG_0678 lizard

And when they ran home saying they had found frogs, I was not surprised then, either. When they returned to the creek and brought some home, they looked as I expected. At least two of them did. But Nathan’s frog made me look twice. This was a first…

IMG_0681 frogs

And since we are on a reptile kick, I would like to share our snake with you. The kids and I came across her down at the river, and while I did not know she poisonous at the time, we did not dare get close to her. We waited patiently on an elevated log until she was ready to move on. She eventually took off into the water and we were free to move again. The biggest difference between the snake and all the other critters the kids have found is that nobody asked to keep this one…

IMG_0583 snake

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