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A Very Special Friend

Nathan was the first of our kids to attach to a stuffy. When the twins were just a couple of months old, my sister sent them a box filled with outfits too cute for words and two little stuffed animals. Catheryn got an elephant and Nathan, a cow. Nathan’s intense attachment to this little cow began almost instantly.

As an infant, Nathan was a thumb-sucker, and he had this habit of holding the cow’s rear-end while doing so. This little stuffy eventually became known as “CowCow” and he accompanied Nathan everywhere. There was no leaving the house without CowCow. No going to bed without CowCow. No functioning without CowCow.

Nathan and this little cow were so inseparable that I began to worry what would happen if CowCow were to be lost. So I started looking for a replacement, just in case, but no matter how hard I looked, I could not find one. It was as if Gund had never even created this particular cow. Finally, after referring to the tag, I began searching for “Sprinkles 5824”, which was the name given to the cow by Gund. I quickly learned why all of my prior searches had ended in failure. CowCow was not a cow at all, he was a hippo. Once I finally found him online, I was amazed at how beautiful he was. It had been some time since Nathan’s little friend had been that bright and clean.

The funny thing about lovies is that the older and more worn they get, the more beautiful and special they become. CowCow was loved. He was so much more than a simple stuffed animal, he was a part of the family.

At eight years old, Nathan still loves his cherished stuffy. Wherever Nathan is, you can be assured that CowCow is not far away. I can honestly say that CowCow has become as special to me as he is to Nathan. He is Nathan’s whole world, and when I see that little cow, I see my baby. And every stage of his precious life.

I suppose that eventually Nathan will move on and CowCow will be left behind, as always seems to happen as one grows up. I dread that day, but hopefully it is still a long way off. I look forward to many more hikes with CowCow. And tea parties. And board games. I am not ready for him to leave our family, any more than I am ready for my baby to grow up.

But no matter how old Nathan gets, CowCow will always be special. I am grateful that he has been such a special friend for Nathan, and I am grateful that he is a part of our family.

9 thoughts on “A Very Special Friend

  1. I had a stuffed cat when I was a child that was my constant companion. His little body was devoid of fur by the time I finally gave him up. I’m not sure what happened to him 😦 I grew up, moved away and he was lost in one of my many moves. But he lives on in my memory 🙂

    • I, too, know the pain of losing something that was so dear, so I intend to hang on to CowCow, long after Nathan has moved on. Thank you for sharing about your own special friend!

  2. That was a really special post. I think that most of us at some time or another have had a special cuddly in our lives…..I gave all of mine away when I discovered ;boys; were better fun to be with..That was when I was about 13….. now here I am at 73 and I have my new cuddly. It is a soft bear which sits on my bed and comes to bed with me everynight…..so whatever age you are there is always something very special about a cuddly

  3. My so has a stuffed bear name Max. He is such great company to him that when I wasn’t feeling well the other day he went to his room and brought me Rosy, a rabbit, to keep me company. Now, I am to sleep with Rosy everyday. And, I do. It really is precious the love they have for their friends.

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