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Playing with Fire

A couple of years ago when we camped with Rob’s sister and her husband, they brought along these dandy little homemade fire starters. They consisted of wax and sap and a birthday candle in an egg carton. Rob had been wanting to try making some ever since, but we never managed to get around to it.

DSC_0829 fire starter

The last time we were at the craft store we picked up some wax and wicks, we gathered sap from Chester State Park in South Carolina, and we saved our last egg carton, just in case we ever got around to making some.

DSC_0831 fire starter

Such an opportunity came yesterday.

DSC_0838 fire starter

The sap was placed in the egg carton while the wax was put on the grill to melt. Once the wax melted, we poured it in the egg carton on top of the sap. We then stuck a wick in each one. Then all we had to do was wait for them to cool.

DSC_0841 fire starter

Once they were cool, Rob cut them apart into individual fire starters.

DSC_0892 fire starter

Nathan, who was very anxious to start a fire, was more than willing to try one out. All it took was one, and he had his little fire started.

DSC_0896 fire starters

Before he knew it, he had a nice, roaring fire that he was extremely proud of.

DSC_0899 fire starter

We put the rest of the fire starters in our packs and camping gear so that we will have some with us whenever we are out in the woods. We even ended up with extra wax and wicks so that we can make more once we get more sap. Thank you Jim and Mary Beth for the great idea!

12 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

  1. Chester State Park in South Carolina is not too far from Casa de Canterbury!! Pretty would’ve been happy to have you visit her at The Mast General Store in downtown Columbia!!

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