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Snow, South Carolina Style

Coming from an area that always gets too much snow, it has been somewhat strange not having any snow at all. South Carolina must have known that the kids were missing at least a little bit of the fluffy white stuff, because she shared some with us. It didn’t last long, but it stuck around long enough for the kids to make a few balls for a snowman that was never quite put together. And halfway through their snowball fight the snow was mostly all gone, so they had to resort to pinecones. And an occasional deer poop or two.

Throw in a nature trail, a peaceful lake, a playground and a crane, and it made for a near perfect day.

6 thoughts on “Snow, South Carolina Style

  1. you do take some great photos…another of your talents?
    I am happy that you approved of my post about your journey, but I speak the truth…if only that was me! I am so jealous, so envious of your freedom…..I want to go with you!!!

    Drive with care and care for each other Love P

  2. Love the black and white! Looks nice with the snow. Might have to paint that one. Glad the kids got to play in the snow, while it lasted. I think you’re going to get some more soon, so they’ll get to finish that snowman! 🙂

    • I thought the boats were funny because there were about five of them and they were all full of water. I am assuming the park will have some draining to do before they rent them out! Hopefully any snow threatening the area will decide to pass up by. 🙂

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