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The Best Laid Plans: Part One

As I have mentioned before, things rarely go as we have planned. Our quick stop for an oil change in Bowling Green turned into almost an entire day ordeal. Waldo, as lovely as he is, decided that he did not want to start on Tuesday morning. If he wouldn’t start, we couldn’t get him in for his oil change. So, we sat. And we thought. And we fumed. Just a little bit. What were our options?

While Camping World does not do engine work, they did have a mechanic come out and he told us our starter was bad. Rob was more than able to replace the starter, but he couldn’t fit underneath Waldo, and we did not have the ability to lift him. We could have him towed, but after a musical circle of phone tag with insurance, we decided that would be way more trouble than it was worth, especially since nobody seemed to know what was covered and what wasn’t. Next option: mobile repair.

After a quick call to a recommended repair service, we decided that this would be our best option. So we waited. And waited. I am sure it was not nearly as long a wait as it felt, but since we were dead in the water and frustrated, it seemed like an eternity. But alas, he showed up, squeezed his way under Waldo, replaced the starter and was on his merry little way. And we, with a noticeably lighter wallet, were ecstatic to hear Waldo running. Camping World was even able to fit him in for an oil change and propane fill, even though it was much later than planned.

By late afternoon, Waldo was ready to go, and we decided that it was still early enough to head for Nashville. We planned out our target truck stop and hit the road.

Our planned stop was full.

So was option two.

Option three was closed for construction.

Option four was non-existent. Or at least it was successfully hiding from us.

By the time we found a place to park for the night, we were already 30 miles past Nashville. So much for spending a few days there. We were feeling a little defeated, so we decided to wait until morning to come up with a new game plan.

After some much-needed rest, we decided to head on down the road to Knoxville…

4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans: Part One

  1. Sorry your plans didn’t work out the way you hoped for. Best laid plans……don’t always work. Keep your heads up, the best you can, and we will be thinking of you, and hoping for the best, on your travels. We love you!!! 🙂

    • All is well, we have learned to just roll with it. Today we are staying put in Knoxville because there is a sheet of frozen rain on the car and we are not up for driving in it…

  2. Poor Waldo! Even RV’s have their off days…and it wasn’t really his fault..was it? poor old chap was possibly looking forward to a trip out and then to find that your actual starter motor won’t start. He must have been so disappointed…..
    However he got repaired and all was well. Why did you not turn around and go back to Nashville. I was looking forward to going there! Anyway on to Knoxville..what sort of place is it ? Does it have history?
    Just don’t worry if you have to change your plans, surely this is what you wanted to get away from,,being regimented and doing what is expected!!! Fly with the wind! Go forth and explore…have fun and drive safely
    lots of love P

    • Waldo is feeling much better! And he likes Knoxville, which we will be staying in for another day because of the frozen rain. We considered going back to Nashville, but are trying not to waste too much fuel, since we go through it so fast as it is. We will make it back there, though. As for us, we are simply rolling with it. We have gotten pretty good at it over the years… 🙂

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