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Here we go!!

From our front window we could see Amazon, especially since the trees had lost all of their leaves. And there, over the mass building that had been our second home for the last several months, the sun rose on a beautiful January day. It was to be our final sunrise of the season in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Afer much anticipation, the time had come to venture onto new places.

Last sunrise in Campbellsville, Kentucky

Last sunrise in Campbellsville, Kentucky

Of course, things do not always go as planned, especially when we are involved. As we were getting ready to pull out, our stairs decided not to retract, which makes it impossible to drive. Rob ended up spending a chunk of time outside trying to figure out the problem. Once they decided to cooperate and pull into position, our leveling jacks decided to have a little fun with us. While they lifted as they were supposed to, the controls were convinced that they had not, and as a result sounded a lovely alarm. I particularly loved Rob’s solution to this problem:

When all else fails, disconnect it!

When all else fails, disconnect it!

Even after all the challenges of the morning, we eventually made it on the road. It was a beautiful day. Cold, but beautiful. And it felt wonderful to drive. We didn’t have too far to go, though. Waldo has an appointment in the morning for an oil change. After driving 2000 miles to get here and then sitting all winter, we figured he could use it. So we are currently hanging out in Bowling Green, Kentucky in the Camping World parking lot.

Earlier this evening we cruised around Bowling Green. Western Kentucky University is here, which is where I almost went to college many, many moons ago. How strange it feels to have made it here after all these years.

Tomorrow, it will be time to say good-bye to Kentucky, at least for a little while. I do love it here, though. I love the country, the farm land, the history, the pride. We have had an amazing time here. But tomorrow we are off to Nashville, Tennessee. A whole new state awaits, with its own treasures and secrets to share. Nothing compares with being able to see so many wonderful places in person, and once again I find myself extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Here we go!!

  1. I’m ready! I’m ready! Let’s go……pastures new and roads undriven..how exciting…Nashville home of wonderful music and gaily coloured things. I always wanted a Nashville band to play at my funeral ‘ When the Saints come Marching In’ …. just like Louis Armstrong….send us some pictures you brave pioneers….it’s similar to those who went west in the gold rush days to pastures unknown…did you read about the man who found that great chunk of gold with just a metal detecter…after the poor old prospectors took years sifting the waters and found nothing…Drive with care…a good man like Rob knows exactly what to do everytime.

  2. Have a most wonderful time! There is so much of this great country that we haven’t seen, it’s nice to see it through your eyes. With your fantastic photos and wonderful gift with words, it’s almost like being there ourselves. There’s some bad weather coming your way, though, so please drive carefully. We love you all so much. Enjoy your trip!

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