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Time to Run

I finally realized that I cannot wait for the conditions to be perfect. They never will be. All I can do is get out there and do my very best. Give 100% of myself. If it works out, perfect. If not, well at least I tried, and I will not have any room for regret.

What on earth am I talking about? I have absolutely no idea. But I wanted to share something with you. Something that makes me certifiably crazy and completely alive at the same time.

I signed up for my first marathon!

My original plan was to run the Chicago Marathon in October, but I think it will be too crowded, and I do not do well in crowds, especially by myself. So I began searching for a smaller marathon that happens around the same time. If I plan it right, it will take place right in between our summer and fall jobs, giving us the travel and recovery time needed.

What I found was the Fox Valley Marathon in St. Charles, Illinois. A beautiful course that winds along the river in a suburb of Chicago. They only allow 2,900 runners, so it will be quiet, and it is also ranked as a good race for first-timers because of the frequent aid stations, not to mention it is flat. I could not find a single bad review, so I signed myself up.

September 22, 2013

7 am (Ouch! I am not even sure this is legal…)

This is it. I am going to do it. My 35th birthday present to myself: a heart attack in the streets outside of Chicago. Sign me up. Oh wait, I already did!!!

IMG_0500 marathon

My feet have several thousand meetings scheduled with the dirt on a trail not
far from here.  Who am I to keep them waiting?  Time to run.  ~Jeb Dickerson

5 thoughts on “Time to Run

  1. I’ve beaten your Mom today…she is usually first to comment…..My brave brave lady that you are..it does not surprise me at all…..even if you do not win..it does not matter..it is taking part that counts. In thought I shall be with you every step of the way….just remind me in September…love P

  2. I know you’ve wanted to run a marathon for quite a few years. I’m glad you found one that is compatible for you. The experience will be one of the most memorable ones of your life and you will always look back on it and smile. (I can’t believe you’re going to be 35, though! Man, I’m old! 🙂 )

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