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The time has come…

After over four months here in the beautiful state of Kentucky, the time has finally come to head out. We received word last night that campers are free to leave anytime. After discussing our options, Rob and I decided that this will be our last week. We both have three more shifts to work and then come Sunday, we will hit the road.

The kids squealed when we asked them if they were ready to head somewhere new. There is something magical about pulling Waldo out that even they cannot resist. The excitement of new adventures, new scenery, new memories. It is simply irresistible. Either the kids are wanderers in their own rights, or they feed off of us, but our house is full of giddiness right now.

Now the real work begins. A family of five sure can spread out over a chunk of time and my week will be spent trying to ready the ship. We tend to boon-dock when we are out on our own, which means that we are not hooked up to utilities, so we have to be very frugal with our water and propane. It is best to leave in tip-top shape. Laundry done, blankets washed, turtle tank and rabbit cage clean, floor vacuumed, mopped, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I won’t be lacking in things to do this week.

Our plan so far is to head down to Tennessee. We loved the afternoon we spent in Nashville last December and would like a couple more days to explore the area. After that, we are off to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for some down time. Rob plans on picking up a fishing licence so he can hit the rivers. Fishing has always been one of his favorite pastimes and he hasn’t done any lately. The kids are dying to hit the hills and do some hiking and exploring. I think they have had enough of this gravel campground for a little while. They long to roll in the grass and climb trees and get filthy dirty chasing squirrels, and I cannot say that I blame them. As for me, I have fallen behind on my reading and writing and my camera is screaming to be taken out for some photo shoots. Not to mention I have some running to do. Mostly though, I think we are all looking forward to some time with no schedule. No agenda. Nothing. Some time to simply… be.

After a couple of weeks in the woods, we will venture to Charleston, South Carolina. We have heard such wonderful things about the area and all of its history and are excited to explore it for ourselves. It may be a little chilly in February, but everyone is looking forward to seeing the ocean and playing on the beach.

This is our plan as of now, but it is always subject to change. We are still not sure where we are going to spend the summer, but most of the summer jobs do not start until March or April, so we are looking forward to a couple of months of free time.

As I have mentioned before, Amazon has been a wonderful job for us. We definitely plan on coming back next year if they will have us. There is still so much we want to see here in Kentucky. It truly is a beautiful state with so much to offer. I am grateful for everything it has shared with us over the past months.

But for now, it’s about time we add some new state stickers to our map…

8 thoughts on “The time has come…

  1. now I am worried! Where is your Mom?
    This is so exciting…getting prepared to follow the road again…. I do wish that I could do what you are doing. I suppose the journey from Spain to Bulgaria was a bit like that, not quite knowing where you are going but feeling the thrill of going into the unknown…..
    Also looking forward to seeing some pics along the way.
    Just drive carefully and take care….. send me an e mail about your Mom…I don’t like being first….. love P

    • You’ll be on the road in no time and you’re going to LOVE it!! Are you getting used to the small space? It is a huge adjustment, but after a while it seems perfectly normal. 🙂

  2. I’m here, P. I’m just now getting to read the new blogs. I don’t mind you being first. I love your comments, too!
    Mariah, I’m glad you’re finally moving on to new adventures. Hopefully your new jobs will put you in the vicinity of NC so we can see you this summer. Get busy, time is short! 🙂 Have fun along the way and safe driving! 🙂 We love you!!! 🙂

  3. I agree 100%! Hitting the road is the always such an exciting time for us too. As of now it looks like we will be in upstate Washington for at least another six to eight weeks and then on to Salt Lake City. Burrrr…. talk about cold! Not sure I’m looking forward to that part. Anyway, I’m very excited for you and your journey. Safe travels! 🙂

    • Oohhh, Washington! A little chillier than Kentucky, but such a beautiful state! I love the parks in Utah, too!! There is just something about traveling that makes one’s heart smile. 🙂

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