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An Uncooperative Heart

I know that we must do things from time to time that we don’t necessarily want to do. Sometimes it is out of necessity or obligation. Other times it is simply the right thing to do. The responsible thing. Regardless of how we feel.

Tomorrow, all of the H-shift campers are done. My shift. Come 10pm, they will leave work to gather in the tent for their farewell party. They will take their chocolates and head to their campers, which have already been packed up. Come morning, they will hit the road, off on a new adventure elsewhere.

And I will go to work without them.

I watched for two and a half months as new campers arrived. Every week, new spots would fill up, new faces would join the crowd.

And now I will watch as, one by one, they all leave, their season complete.

In just a few days, they will all be gone. And we will remain. For us and 46 others, the season will continue for another month. This is what we wanted.

This is our income. We have no retirement to rely on like all the retired couples. So staying is a good thing. The responsible thing.

So why is it so hard to watch everyone leave? Why do I have a lump in my throat and tears constantly threatening to fall? I don’t mind staying, but I don’t like being left behind.

Everything happens for a reason. We are staying for a reason. Time flies, and the next month will be no exception. Before I know it, it will be our turn to go, and we will be in an even better position for it. This is a perfect opportunity for us.

It all makes perfect sense. My head totally gets it.

Now if only I could get my heart to cooperate…

2 thoughts on “An Uncooperative Heart

  1. You are our sweet tender hearted daughter whom we love very much. You’ve always had an intelligent head on your shoulders and you’ve always done the right thing. Your head and your heart are what draw all of us to your blog every week. We couldn’t imagine you not being part of our lives. It’s ok to cry when you watch friends and family leave. It shows you care. And we care very much for you. 🙂 🙂

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