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Packin’ Up… Or Not

Around camp, people have slowly begun to pack up. The elaborate porches that were so painstakingly set-up are being taken down piece by piece. Rugs are being rolled up, wind chimes taken down, the garden gnomes are being boxed up. Tire covers are being removed along with windshield screens and mirror covers.

Our camp is a little more simple, but still, the time had come to start packing up.

And then we received an e-mail.

An e-mail letting us know that there had been a cancellation due to some last-minute plans. An e-mail letting us know that we were the next on the list. An e-mail inviting us to stay on with Amazon through January.

Of course, we accepted.

Suddenly there was no rush. The bikes and canoe can stay right where they are for a little while longer.

I had to sooth my wandering spirit a little bit, she was awfully excited about hitting the road. But she understands that sometimes we must be responsible and listen to our heads. Staying for another month will shorten the gap between jobs, therefore saving us more money for future adventures. It will allow for us to follow our rule of always making more than we spend.

So for now, we will sit back and relax, while watching the other campers pack up and hit the road. This time next week, I suspect that we will be among only a few campers left.

After Christmas, with the end of Peak, we will go back to four-day work weeks, so we will have time for hikes and road trips, for exploring and weekend adventures. And blogging.

There is still so much to see here in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

4 thoughts on “Packin’ Up… Or Not

  1. I’m glad you’ll still be there for another month. Give you a little breathing space after Christmas. We look forward to your next destination. We love you!

  2. God works in mysterious way Mariah..there is a reason that He needs you to stay a while longer…so be patient and wait a wee while, Enjoy your Christmas and the New Year. I bet your family (moms and Pops) will miss you! Lots of love P

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