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An Unexplained Absence

Hello there, Stranger! Or am I the stranger? I forget. Either way, Hello! I have missed you, though the fault is all mine. My absence was caused solely by the realization that I am not super-woman (who knew, right?), and unfortunately I cannot do everything, though believe me I have tried. My desperate attempts to accomplish more than humanly possible in a day have resulted in my picture under the word insanity in the dictionary. My list of “things to do today” was becoming unbearably long and something had to give. A few somethings actually. And a seemingly normal blog post was my wake-up call.

I have a tendency to leave the computer on during the day, and whenever I manage to find a few minutes, I will sit down and work on a post. A normal post usually takes me about 12.5 sit-down sessions before I manage to get it somewhat done. Some days I cannot even get that far. I can live with that. Most of the time. But on one sunny Saturday afternoon, after 19.28473 failed attempts at blogging, it hit me: I was spending far too much time attempting something. Even when the attempts were (somewhat) successful, they still consumed too much time. Not to mention the days when they were not even close to successful. And while I was spending my time grasping for the impossible, my three kids were here. Right in front of me. Requesting, demanding, my time, as they have the right to do. What I found was that my specialized time with them during our home school lessons was not enough. They wanted my time all of the time.

So I decided to compile a list of my daily goals and expectations. Homeschooling is my top priority, followed closely by sleeping (’cause nobody likes Mama when she’s a bear), regular household chores (you can only fit so many dishes inside an RV), working (have to support the RV lifestyle somehow), and showering (per Rob’s request.) After running out of time day after day after day, I realized that I was spending too much time reading, running and blogging. Three things that are not high on the priority list.

So I had to simplify. The three items at the bottom of the list were on the chopping block.

Running. I walk an average of 10-12 miles a night at work, possibly even more now that we have hit Peak Season, so even though I am not out there running every morning, I am getting more and more fit every night I go to work. I am getting stronger, healthier. I can feel it. When the season is over, I can hit the road again, and I know I will be in the position to do so.

Reading. If only I could make a living reading books… Getting lost in a good story or learning about somebody else’s fascinating life is one of my favorite things to do. Not to mention that reading the classics is helping me to better educate my kids. But finding the time is a little challenging right now, so I read aloud to the kids a lot. I have always read to them, but lately we have been reading some great classics. They loved Summer of the Monkeys and are currently enjoying The Secret Garden. And every now and then, when I can keep my eyes open for just a few more minutes, I sneak in a chapter or two from my own personal book. So even though I am not devouring the books the way I might like, I am still getting in some quality reading time, and I cannot complain about that.

Blogging. This is the big one for me. And the hardest to let go. I compromised with myself and decided just to blog on my days off, about once or twice a week. That way I can stay up after everyone else is in bed (like tonight) and I can let my mind wander at will and not feel guilty about neglecting anyone. During the day I have not been turning the computer on at all, which has helped everyone. I have come to realize that I was depending on it a little too much, and I do not want my kids to think that it is a necessity in life. I think this is why my absence has been so long, I needed to make sure I was taking myself seriously, which I fail to do most of the time.

I have found that if I don’t set out to do more that I possibly can, then I feel better at the end of the day. Trying to accomplish certain things and failing always leaves me feeling defeated, and that wears me down. But being realistic about my goals and expectations, and actually being able to finish everything I start, well, that makes me feel good about myself. It boosts my self-esteem. Makes me feel like a rock-star. All right, perhaps that is pushing it a little bit. (Or a lot.) But I think you know what I mean.

So while I value your amazing companionship, I hope you will understand if I don’t come around every day. At least not for the next month or so. When Peak Season is over and things slow down a little bit then I will be back for our almost-daily visits. Driving you crazy as usual. That is, after all, my specialty. 🙂

8 thoughts on “An Unexplained Absence

  1. I feel like you’ve just expressed my exact thoughts! I’ve been slow to post too lately because life has been wearing me thin. It’s such a frustrating thing to have so much to say but such little spare time to say it! You’re right though, no one can be superwoman and its important to prioritize. Your post couldn’t have explained it any better. Enjoy your more balanced approach to life. X

  2. what a very sensible solution….children and Rob must come first, and your health. I would imagine that working for Amazon is like being in a giant wheel which never stops turning so you need all your capabilities….As for the blogs ..there is a big difference between quantity and quality, and you would not want your quality to slip into quantity…so go take a rest! Everyone of your friends will still be here..some of them may also take a rest. I no longer blog everyday, mainly because I have covered most of the subjects of my life..so now it is just the ideas that suddenly come into my head….. May God Bless you all dear Mariah and may you have a really wonderful Christmas…lots of love P

    • You are always so supportive, Misswhiplash! We do what we can with what we have, and quality is definitely much more important than quantity. I love your blog and your heartfelt honesty. You are a wonderful story teller!! I look forward to many more of your wonderful posts, even if they are not everyday.

  3. Although I understand the reason you won’t blog as much (and I think you are a rock star for being able to solve your dilema), I really miss you and was very excited to see a new blog. I guess we can all learn from you to prioritize and be willing to let “things” go. Your children are very lucky, there are not enough parents willing to put their children first. Enjoy your day off, I look forward to next weeks post.

    • There are several things I wanted to share with you this last week and it was painful not being able to do so. It will only be for a few more weeks, though. Thanks for being such a loyal reader!!

  4. We have missed “seeing you” most every day but we fully understand why you don’t have the time now. Life happens and we just have to flow with it. We will always be here for you and look forward to your next visit. We love you! 🙂

    • Learning to go with the flow is key. Getting worked up about things I have no control over does not help at all. I am practicing taking things as they come. And breathing. It will slow soon.

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