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Invisible No More

I am trying to work on my invisibility issues. This is harder than you can imagine.

I love being invisible. It is who I am. It is my security blanket. Take it away, and I have nothing. I have shared so much on this blog due to the simple fact that you cannot see me. This is where I get my courage.

People who see me every day know very little about me, where I feel as though you know just about everything. I share my random thoughts, my fears, my failures and triumphs, my hopes and dreams. I hold back a certain amount, but that is as it should be, some things are just meant to be kept in the heart. But I feel safe here. Things I share so confidently with you, I stumble over in real life. The words do not make any sense as they come out of my mouth, and I am usually left feeling… inadequate. Misunderstood, perhaps. So, I just don’t say much. I keep my thoughts tucked safely away where nobody else can see them.


I promised Rob that I would share a picture by the end of the month. Just me. Alone. Perhaps it is a way of owning up to what I share on this blog. Or maybe just to put a face to all the insanity.  Either way, a promise is a promise. And, as my deadline quickly approaches, I realized that I can either put is off until the very last second, or I can embrace it and simply do it.


Invisible no more. That is me over on the side there. The one with all the insanity running around in her head. The one who loves your company. I may never get it right in the outside world, but I can share my heart with you.

You know what’s funny? This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

10 thoughts on “Invisible No More

  1. Bravo my friend!! I type this through tears of joy for you. It takes a lot of courage to take off the cloak. Beautifully written by a beautiful lady!!
    With Much LOVE!!

  2. Now I know who I have been writing to all this time…I would never have thought that insecurity was one of your problems..surely being a pioneer, venturing off into the unknown, throwing off the garb of convention…that is not insecurity…
    I am the opposite in my writings..I say what I feel and I don’t give a hoot …I am like that in real life too but I used to feel like you do…age does have its advantages in that I could not care less what people say or feel about my writings or speech. maybe that is why I sometimes get myself in the hot soup!

    Love to you all sweet pea and well done it took courage

    • I don’t feel insecure in head, I just don’t do well with people face-to-face. I like hiding behind the wall. Nobody notices and I don’t choke of my words. It’s a win-win for everyone. That is why I like blogging so much. 🙂 Maybe I will get better with age. 🙂

  3. I puddled up as I read your blog. You are such a beautiful writer and I am very proud to have you as one of my beautiful daughters! I know you didn’t get your writing ability from me. I sound like a goof when I try to get a point across. And, I also can’t write it out as eloquently as you can. You are talented in so many ways and don’t even know it! I love and miss you so much! 🙂 🙂

    • I love and miss you, too. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. You better go get packing, your trip to Hawaii is calling!! I will be looking for my daily pictures. 🙂

      • Can’t believe it’s here already! 🙂 The taxi is ordered and the bags are awaiting. I know we’ll be back home in a blink of an eye. I’ll try to make the time slow down a bit but I don’t usually have much luck with that. You’ll get lots of pictures! Soon it’ll just be a memory and I’ll need the pictures, too! 😦

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