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Another Beautiful Fall Day

It was a beautiful fall day, one perfect for taking a drive. I thought we were heading to Lexington, Rob thought we were going to Churchill Downs, the GPS sent us to Louisville. Nobody complained.

The Kentucky Derby Museum was beyond amazing. It was impossible not to feel the excitement and thrill of the race. The grounds were immaculate, despite the fact that the facility is undergoing a 9-million dollar renovation.

There is currently a movie being filmed at the track (50 to 1, I believe it is called.) When we were there, they were working on the part taking place in the Winner’s Circle.

Churchill Downs honors every winner from the Derby’s long history. The banners from the 11 Triple Crown winners hang in the Great Hall. Each year, the horse in the museum is redecorated to match the silks of that year’s winner.

After an amazing experience at the museum, we headed into Louisville. We stopped in for a quick visit downtown, and then went to see the Ohio River as daylight began to fade.

We all had a really fun time, and we will have to go back. We weren’t able to make it to the zoo, and the Luisville Slugger museum is there as well. But today, it was simply another beautiful fall day, perfect for taking a drive through the heart of Kentucky.

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