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Baking Day!!

I have not done much baking since moving into Waldo over a year ago. I love baking (despise cooking) but there is not a whole lot of kitchen space, so it makes doing anything with food somewhat challenging. Lately, though, I have really been wanting to make some tasty treats. So today, the kids and I did just that. We had a fun math lesson while we were at it, and then rewarded our taste buds with some oh-so-yummy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies.

With a tiny oven, it took us quite a while to get them all baked, but it was more than worth it.

Rob likes to laugh at me because my cookies turn out different every time I make them, (something about not following the recipe…) but today, with the kids all gathered around, I figured I better teach them right and follow the recipe. Amazingly enough, the cookies turned out the way I think they are supposed to!

As I usually do when treats are involved, I ate way too many. Now I get to take my miserably full self to work. But first, I need to tackle the kitchen…

Do you want to know the coolest thing? I lit the oven! Me!! All by myself! I feel like such a big girl. Normally I wait for Rob to do it, playing with matches and propane is not high on my list of things to do, but I didn’t feel like waiting today, so I did it!!

Rob will be quite surprised to find homemade cookies on the counter when he arrives home. That is if there are any left…

6 thoughts on “Baking Day!!

  1. Yummy looking cookies! I’m going to make your homemade granola for a bake sale at a November bazaar. I’m going to triple the batch so I have plenty for bags to sell. I might even have enough to take for our trip to Hawaii, since it’s before the bazaar. Gonna need some snacks!

  2. Yea for baking in an RV! Sometimes I bake something and it comes out perfect… other times the bottom is burnt… I’ve finally figured out moving the pan around helps and I’ve got a stone that sits on top of the shelf above the burner and that seems to even out the heat. Your cookies look perfect and yummy!

    • RV baking is somewhat challenging! The stone sounds like a great idea for evening out the heat. Luckily our cookies didn’t burn on the bottom, I would have been a little sad if they had!

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