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Thought for the Day…

…and every day for the last nine years now that I think about it…

I think it is quite possible that I have given birth to the single most stubborn, strong-willed child there ever was…

If I can survive this, I can surely survive anything!

Must. Keep. Breathing.

6 thoughts on “Thought for the Day…

    • It is becoming obvious that he will not simply outgrow many things, so we must figure out a way to use his… skills… in the most effective way possible. He is just too smart and talented for me. I have gotten really good at scratching my head while wondering, “Did he seriously just do that!” What would I do without my Spaz Muffin?

  1. When you feel like you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. No, wait…perhaps a rope wouldn’t be the best thing to have around William right now. You are right, just keep breathing and thinking happy thoughts.

  2. do we get to chose which one it is? They all look like angels but maybe angels in disguise.. I have been through three daughters that sent me spinning year after year but they have come through the other side as normal loving caring human beings and they are my best friends…so do not give up hope..

    • William probably wouldn’t like it if I threw him under the bus so I will just say that it is my first-born. 🙂 I will never give up hope. He has a big heart and will grow into a wonderful man (somehow).

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