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Learning about Lincoln

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than
any other one thing. ~Abraham Lincoln

Today found us in Hodgenville, Kentucky, where we visited the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. After a short film in the Visitor’s Center, we climbed the 56 steps to the top of the Monument that protects Abraham’s birthplace. The 56 steps represent the 56 years of his life.

Once we reached the top, we enjoyed a history lesson from one of the rangers. He helped the kids with some Junior Ranger questions, explained all about the very large chestnut tree that was the property’s boundary marker, and took us back in time to what life may have been like for the Lincoln family. There were 16 stars on the ceiling and 16 poles around the cabin, all in honor of the 16th President of the United States.

When we left the cabin, we took the nature trail that went around the property. A skunk had chased a visitor off earlier, so we were on the lookout for one, but did not encounter any on our walk.

The Sinking Spring that supplied the Lincoln family with water is still running today.

We were the last visitor’s at the Memorial this afternoon. The rangers were kind enough to complete the Junior Ranger certificates for the kids, even though they were technically closed by the time we were finished. When we left the Memorial, we stopped into Hodgenville to see the statues in honor of Abraham Lincoln. There is one of him as a little boy, book in hand, straight across from him as a grown man. I found the display to be very powerful.

We did not have time to continue down the road to Lincoln’s boyhood home, Knob Creek, so we will have to do that another day. We learned a lot today and the kids each earned a new badge for their vests. I was also able to put a new stamp in our National Parks passport. I’d say that it was a very effective history lesson.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in
your years.  ~Abraham Lincoln

5 thoughts on “Learning about Lincoln

  1. Great field trip for the whole family. The kids are getting some well appreciated history lessons first hand, and they will remember them so much longer than from a book. I also enjoyed seeing the birth place of Abraham Lincoln and all the history that was part of his life. Thanks for bringing us with you! I see the kids’ vests are starting to fill up. Let me know when you need more. 🙂

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