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Stormy Sky

“Get out of bed and grab your camera, Woman!”

Sir, Aye-Aye, Sir!!

From time to time, it is a good thing I do as I am told. The stormy sky this morning was beyond amazing. I didn’t capture it the way I would have liked, but I sure had fun trying, even if I was running around Campbellsville in my jammies…

15 thoughts on “Stormy Sky

  1. Amazing pictures (like always). You have a knack for giving us Westerners a feeling of Kentucky, and for that we are very grateful!

      • Could you send us the bottom one in it’s original size? I feel another painting coming on! If you don’t stop taking such amazing pictures, I won’t run out of painting material until I’m 100!!!!!!! Keep it up, though. We all love your fantastic photos. You are a natural!!!! 🙂

  2. now Mariah do tell me..are you a professional photographer or just damed good at clicking the camera…Those really are superb! a pleasure to look at

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