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Welcome Autumn!

Hello, my friends, and Happy Autumn!

I must confess that autumn and I have not always gotten along. I love the changing of the colors, the harvesting, the crisp air, but it is what follows autumn that I fear: the dreaded winter. And, in always being aware of what comes next, it has made autumn and I have a somewhat strained relationship. She tries her very best each and every year to make me see her beauty, to embrace her for what she is, but my blinders have always been on. I have failed to fully appreciate the transformation taking place right before my very eyes.

This year, however, I  have a feeling will be a little different. While some trees have begun to change, most have not even started yet. The air has a definite crispness to it in the evenings, and mornings are brisk, but the warm days still allow for you to soak up the sunshine. Summer lasts a little longer here in Kentucky, which can only mean that winter will last a little less. Perhaps there is a chance that I will not sink into my desperate longing for spring and warmer weather and sunshine, as I seem to do every year. The desperate longing that consumes my entire soul. The desperate longing that makes it hard to breathe.

The warmth and sunshine called to us today, beckoned us to join them. So, to celebrate this first day of a new season, we took a drive, and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We played outside, had a picnic overlooking a lake, the kids gathered acorns for the squirrels and ran free as the wind. There was a carefree feeling in the air today as we soaked up all there was to see. I have only just begun to realize what I have been missing all these years.

Rather than fear what is to come, I am embracing what is. I am enjoying all that this beautiful life has to offer, without fear or anticipation of what tomorrow may bring. I am living in the moment, and that, my friends, is the best place to be.

As we were pulling out of the campground earlier today, Rob handed me an old fortune he found on the floor of the van. This could be an almost perfect day, it said. I think it was right.

11 thoughts on “Welcome Autumn!

  1. I think your posts get better as you go along..that was a stupendous piece of writing…it really made me feel that I was right there with you and how I wish that I was…
    I love autumn..I love the yellow, the red, the brown, the gold and the green leaves. All the ladies dressed up in their finery waiting to go to the ball.
    Then,… when the winds have blown their dresses away…. the branches lay bare and a bit desolate, but when the frost comes it makes it look like fairy land as the frost sparkles in the sun. When eventually it snows, and by heck does it snow in Bulgaria, the branches are thick and heavy with the snowfall which makes it look like Santa’s Grotto.
    Which time of the year is prettiest..I cannot say….It is all God’s creation and so it is all beautiful in every possible way….. love to all xxxxx

    And you are right…just look how much you have missed and had you not taken this risk you would still be missing it all…keep looking ahead, never look back!

    • It sounds to me like you fully appreciate all the beautiful seasons! How wonderful that is. I love your description of the changing of the seasons. Very beautifully worded! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes… You described it perfectly. When we first moved to MS, it was stifling, so much green. Then winter came, all the leaves dropped and it was dead. I desperately searched for something to keep me going during the winters. I finally saw that the trees in winter had a chance to really show off! The limbs of the trees danced and twisted and created rhythm shapes in their own way. The bark, texture and color was amazing and inspirational. Trees became my salvation in winter. And then their was spring!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful countryside to explore. We’ve never been to Kentucky. Maybe in the future….. You know how much we love to travel!!!

  4. This is one of my favorite blogs, not just the pictures…the honesty you wrote with. I really miss you! Your blogs make me me feel just a wee bit closer to you.

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